Way of Difference LTD.

WOD believes branding design is much more than a work of aesthetic.
Branding design is complicated. It takes a spectacular art direction, an all rounded promotion plan, a decent PR strategy, a sustainable branding direction, and the hardest of all, gluing all the elements together. This challenge brings WOD to a mission of providing a TOTAL SOLUTION to our clients. From marketing strategies, branding, design, promotion and even exhibition, we go far to bring the spotlight on our clients.
WOD is an experienced team in design, art direction, exhibition, and media strategies. We are proud to have the creative paper art ice-cream parlor LOOOOP and the talk-of-town floral tea concept shop MAISON in our client profile. Our team played a leading role in branding design as well as interior design and promotion strategies, starting a new F&B trend in town. Besides branding design, WOD has designed the CD album for various singers and participated in the product promotion for the beloved cartoon character DORAEMON. With the continuous work of WOD, we can expect to see more surprising design in town.


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